Nursery, Sunday School, and Christian Education Hour are paused due to COVID restrictions but will resume in the future.

What to Expect

Profile.  You’re bound to meet somebody just like you. We range from nursery to seniors with a mix of singles and families. We average around 120 people. Dress tends toward business-casual, though you can find anything from jeans to suits.

Music. The music we sing at GCBC is a blend of old and new. God has blessed His Church with a rich heritage of hymns over the millennia which we want to help preserve with both the traditional tunes as well as updated ones. We also try to learn a few new songs throughout the year. Style-wise, while we don’t try to avoid different instruments in our music, we do tend to strive for having the focus on congregational singing so that the music only supports our focus on God versus steal it away from Him.

Body of Service. Our service begins at 10:00am, led most often by one of our pastors. During this time, we sing four or five songs, offer prayers of praise and confession to God, hear Scripture read, give our offerings and tithes, and then engage our hearts and minds further through preaching from the Bible.

Sermons. Preaching at GCBC is always expositional, meaning that is a verse-by-verse unfolding of God’s truth from Scripture. Sermons usually last around a little less than an hour. We typically are going through a specific book in the New Testament on Sunday mornings (though on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, we are typically preaching from the Old Testament).

Afterwards. We will usually close with a song driving home the message of the sermon and then dismiss into the fellowship hall for a time of refreshments and opportunity to catch up with one another before we go into our Christian Education hour.

Christian Education. We have three classes for adults and age-appropriate classes for all school-age children and teens. For the adults, we will usually have a marriage and parenting class and a Fundamentals of the Faith class going on. Every 15 weeks we rotate the third class from Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, etc. Our goal in offering these classes is so that we can obey our Lord’s command that in making disciples we are teaching them to observe all that He commanded, as well as equipping disciples for the work of ministry.