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Brian York

The Lord Jesus got hold of Brian in 1990 when he was 18. Through the faithful prayers of his grandmother he was given a Bible by a friend and when he began to read the New Testament for the first time he was cut to the heart by the words of Jesus. His eyes were opened to his sin and he began to repent and believe in the gospel for the first time. Since then the God has given him a desire to see others won to the love of Christ, and to serve his Savior and to know Him more through His word.

Brian enjoys serving as a deacon at Grace Community Bible Church where he coordinates and teaches children’s classes. He also has a heart to see believing fathers leading their households and growing in maturity in Christ. In 2012 Brian and his wife Jeanette were looking for a church where the whole counsel of God was clearly taught and since joining Grace Community they have been growing in a greater and deeper conviction of the infallible, inspired, inerrant word of the Living God as a sufficient rule of both faith and practice. They consider this local church to be a family of friends in the Lord, and that it has blessed them greatly.

Currently Brian works as a designer full-time at a local company that specializes in holiday products, where he manages a team of other artists.

Jeanette and Brian were married in 1997. They have four children: two boys and two girls. A common love of Italian food and good old theology books has provided much good conversation around their family table. Their greatest joy has been to see the seeds of faith at work in their own children and to enjoy the short time that they have with them at home teaching them and having fun.